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10 Day Healthy Habits

Welcome to the 10 Day Healthy Habits Programme. 

This programme is here to support you kick start and re-frame Healthier Habits that could last you a life time. 

Healthy Cooking

Habit 1

Fuel, nourish, and feel good.
Follow the Meal Plan guided and advised by the Mummy Mover - who has almost 2 decades of healthcare experience healing and supporting healthy lifestyles.
Nursing in the military - she cared for military servicemen and women at the top of their game. She then went on to nurse in the community, providing healthcare and advice to a wide range of patients, including diabetes and weight management patients of all ages.  
You are in good hands here!
All these menus are flexible to ensure you, personally, are fueled and satisfied. They are also a guide for you to learn more about what has the best nutritional value for you to be healthy and happy in body and mind

Habit 2

MOVE happy!

Moving your body more has been proven to increase health and well being and The Mummy Mover will enable you to move your body in a happy, supportive environment. 

Whatever your fitness level or ability, you will find a class for you. 

You can choose from either the MOVE or Walkercise plan.


The Mummy Mover adds in 3 NEW classes a week to both groups and you have access to them throughout the whole programme.

Llun Sally 4.png

 Want to MOVE more than 3 times a week? No problem! You can choose any one of the archived classes to enjoy, get your body MOVING, feel amazing, happy and energized at your own time and pace. All this at now extra cost!

Habit 3

Healthier Together

It's has been proven time and time again that health and well-being is significantly improved when we're part of a supportive community. 

Our aim is to make sure that you have everything you need to feel good and make changes that make you feel good everyday. 


Every 10 Day Healthy Habit Programme has an exclusive private Facebook Group for all who are taking part to share experiences, recipes, thought and feelings. We support each other. We are there for each other and we have  a bucket load of fun too!  You do not have to take part or post anything if you choose not to! BUT, The Mummy Mover and the amazing 10 Day Healthy Habit community will be here for you for the duration of the programme. 


Next 10 Day Healthy Habits Dates:
6th JUNE - 16TH JUNE


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