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About The Mummy Mover


My Story

Hi, I'm Sally (a.k.a The Mummy Mover!). I am a 40 year old mum of 3 boys and step mummy to 1 gorgeous girl. I'm an ex RAF Nurse with 15 years experience in the field of nursing. Since the age of about 18 I've had a passion and drive for fitness, and the feelings and benefits that it brings to both body and mind. In recent years my career path has diversified into the world of fitness, teaching group exercise classes and running healthy eating programmes aimed at helping women to become healthier and happier by encouraging healthy habits and movement - but by very much still keeping it real. The recent pandemic and forced closure of my fitness business was the turning point that changed my career path again. I went from being a real life fitness instructor and coach to an online guru, coach and all round supporter of all kind of people living through these tough times. I'm streaming workouts for all to do and running healthy eating programmes with bags of virtual support and an awesome community that welcomes all!

Proud to serve, grow and learn. 

My time in the RAF and as a Nurse, home in Wales and away on military tours, has given me so much. Experiences, friends, expertise and knowledge  of how to use it. I'm now using this expertise to help so many more people all over the world. 

Caring and helping all types of people live healthy lives - long term has been a lifelong journey (you can tell by the pictures!). Please join me to start, continue or get back to your own journey. To feeling good about who you are, healthy and above all happy.  

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