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Virtual MOVE

MOVE is the Mummy Mover's first fitness baby! 

This original class is as popular as ever. 

Hundreds of people are signed up and join the Mummy Mover for high energy routines with plenty of variety, a community of MOVERS to support you and of course amazing encouragement from the Mummy Mover herself! Her 30 minute classes involve a mix of cardio, core and all over toning and strengthening exercises, with the optional use of adding in light weights to some routines. 

Every week the Mummy Mover records and uploads 3 brand NEW virtual move classes to the website. Want to MOVE more than 3 times a week? No problem! You can choose any one of the hundreds of archived classes to enjoy, get your body MOVING, feel amazing, happy and energised at your own time and pace. All this at no extra cost!

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