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The Mummy Mover's "grown up" child for anybody of any ability, age and fitness level


Here's a class for all! If you're looking to get back into moving your body after years of not feeling like fitness classes are for you, coming back from an injury, illness or just looking for a low impact way of enabling your body to feel great and all the mental and emotional benefits that comes with this. This class is perfect for pregnant ladies wanting to start or keep active throughout their pregnancy and also for anyone larger or older who wants to be able to work out at a pace that suits them. There are no floor based exercises making it pretty much perfect for anyone!!!

This community was born from the Mummy Movers passion for enabling everyone to be a part of fitness classes to boost well being and health. It has now matured to being one of her most in-demand programs! You'll benefit from the Walkercise community and of course amazing encouragement from the Mummy Mover herself!

Just like MOVE, 3 NEW classes are added every week and you can also watch any missed classes at a time that's convenient for you! Want to do more than 3 classes a week? No problem! You can choose any one of the hundreds of archived classes to enjoy. Get that feel-good, happy and
energised feeling at your own time and pace. All this at no extra cost!

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